Member Spotlight

Meet AAENP member Brice Harader-Pate. Brice has been a member of AAENP since its inception and currently serves as secretary of the Membership Committee. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her FNP and from Vanderbilt University, becoming certified in AGACNP and ENP. Brice is a spotlight member because of her volunteer efforts in Africa providing needed medical care to thousands of patients.

Brice has completed 6 international missions, traveling to Kenya and Togo, Africa in 2018.

Brice is currently planning her third trip to Kenya in October to serve as a Nurse Practitioner in the Brase Medical Clinic in Migori, Kenya. She recently returned from Togo, Africa where she served with Light in the World Foundation. Brice, one of three providers, saw over 600 patients in 3 days where many waited in line overnight with no food or water. She saw the poverty of third world countries and the unjust humanity of inadequate healthcare. She placed a central line on a patient on a rusted metal exam table due to lack of venous access, just to stabilize a patient. She saw countless patients with fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections that could have easily been prevented. She saw children dying of malaria who lacked mosquito nets and couldn’t afford the medical treatments outside of their non-profits’ donation of medicines. If you would like to support her, donations of supplies and funds may be made directly to the organizations and Great work, Brice!